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Kim Wilson – Pet Stylist/Owner

IMG_8120Kim Wilson is a 2007 graduate of the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts in Arlington, Illinois.  She is also certified in animal nutrition, pet CPR, and animal behavior.  Recently, Kim joined the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), the International Pet Groomers Association (IPG), and the International Society of Canine Cosmetology (ISCC).  Along with the various dog grooming associations she also is a member of the National Cat Groomers Association of America (NCGAA).  Being a member of these organizations Kim will have the opportunity to work towards gaining her Master Groomer Status with each group.

Kim’s passion for animals started at a young age with family pets. It wasn’t until working at pet store she realized what her true calling was. Doubted by some, as they said grooming wasn’t a career, she set out to prove otherwise. Along the way she has met some very influential individuals that have taught her the fine art of styling and not just “grooming.” She has successfully completed some of her training to become a Master Stylist and should within the next year have that completed. Kim has become a name in the grooming ring as well, placing two years in a row at All American Grooming Show in Chicago.

Aside from grooming, Kim can often be found grooming for various rescue groups as well as having fun with her own dogs.  She shows, in confirmation, her English Cocker and Briard.  Kim has also begun learning agility with her Standard Poodle who is quickly learning, and will also certify as a therapy dog in 2014.

Kim and her family have a pet family of their own, Missy (lab mix), Reese (toy poodle), Connor (Standard Poodle), Caleb (English Cocker Spaniel), and Cognac (Briard) make up their dog family. She also takes care of stray cats that come around. Sometimes it is often thought the dogs and cats get treated almost as well as her own children. Kim looks forward to meeting your special four legged friend. She can be reached at kim@smoochie-pooch.com

Tina Elkins – Mobile Pet Stylist

IMG_8133A 2009 graduate from Petsmart Tina learned how to groom and worked in the corporate world for 4 years until joining Smoochie Pooch in the spring of 2013.  Tina is also a member of ISCC and working towards obtaining her Master Pet Stylist certification in the coming year.

Tina can often be found grooming rescue dogs and doing events for Smoochie Pooch.  She is always right there when needed and we truly appreciate having her on board with us to help serve our customers.

Tina lives at home with her own furry family of Mogwai (Chow Aussie Mix), Destino (Standard Poodle), and Tessa the cat. Tina looks forward to meeting your furry friend and if ever have any questions she can be reached at tina@smoochie-pooch.com.


Scott Wasserman – Pet Stylist – Valparaiso

IMG_8151PDS, MPS Meritus
Scott began his love of pets at the early age of 10 when he went with his father, who was a carpenter, to an Airedale Terrier breeder’s kennel to do some work. He spent more time playing with the Airedales than helping his father and this lead to the attraction and love of dogs, in which he would dedicate his life to.

As he continued along his adventures, he began learning the fine art of hand stripping, a special technique used to style terriers and other harsh-coated breeds from his mentor, Nancy Secrist of Seneca Airedales. After high school, he later went on to apprentice with two of the top terrier professional handlers and a poodle handler to develop his styling skills.

In 1992, Scott started a very successful pet styling contest ring career and his winning began to take off. His most prestigious wins include Best Pet Stylist in Show at the U.S. Pet Pro Classic twice and the coveted Intergroom International Groomer of the Year award. Scott has had a successful international judging and speaking tour having traveled to England, Italy, Scotland, France, Argentina, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, and Canada. He has received several nominations of the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards, a grooming industry award for recognizing the top individuals, for 3 nominations for Judge of the Year, Groomer of the Year and Congeniality.

Scott is a Certifier and Consultant for the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, one of the toughest and most in-depth pet styling certification organizations in the world.

His love of dogs has continued in the AKC show ring having groomed and/or shown several breeds through their championships including Airedale Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers, Cairns, Kerry Blue Terriers, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Portuguese Water Dogs, Giant Schnauzers, Bedlington Terriers, Poodles, French Bulldogs, Newfoundlands, Boxers, Basset Hounds, Dobermans, Bull Terriers, Yorkies, Bichon Frise and Miniature Pinschers

PDS means Petcare Dermatech specialist and MPS is Master Pet stylist.
To reach Scott please email scott@smoochie-pooch.com

Natalie Taylor – Pet Stylist – Valparaiso & Portage

   Natalie joined our team in December 2013.  She began her “dog” career with dog handling, obedience, agility, and drill team in 4-H with her family dog, a healthy ten year old mix.  She went on to work for two different Golden Retriever breeders, also showing.  She finished her Golden and English Cocker.  While working as a Handler Assistant for the last years they handled the winner of the non-sporting group at Westminster in 2013, Honor the Bichon Frise, and numerous other top winning dogs in the country

Natalie also worked at a vet’s office for 6 and half years as a kennel assistant to supervisor.  She also has worked for another groomer and a boarding and training kennel.

Natalie’s family of pets are Raisin, an English Cocker, Jubilee, a long hair mini Dachshund, Lovebug, a cat, and Carmel a Pinto pony.

Natalie has now joined Smoochie Pooch full time as a pet stylist.  She looks forward to meeting you soon! To contact Natalie you may email her at natalie@smoochie-pooch.com.

Jillian Shikles  – Pet Stylist – Portage


Jillian joined Smoochie Pooch in March of 2015 as a Pet Stylist.  Training at Petsmart, Jill left to work for a smaller mom and pop salon in Merrillville.  When we began our search she quickly applied and she has been with us ever since.  Jill now is our main Pet Stylist at the Portage Salon.  Stop in a say hi!





Kimberlee Swender – Mobile Pet Stylist

Caitlin Randolph – Pet Stylist  – Valparaiso

Amy Triezenberg  – Pet Stylist – Crown Point

Elli Bultemeier – Pet Stylist – Fort Wayne

Julie Horn – Smoochie Pooch Productions Team

Lisa VanSweden – Smoochie Pooch Productions Team

Julia  – Customer Service



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