Northwest Indiana Mobile Pet & Dog Grooming Services


Smoochie Pooch Mobile Pet Spa pampers both you and your beloved pet with the individual attention and service you both deserve! For many pet owners, our mobile grooming is the perfect solution to their pet care needs.

  • Mobile Grooming is much more convenient for you.
  • It’s much less stressful for your pet.
  • It is safer for your pet.
  • Your pet gets one on one attention from start to finish.

No longer will your busy schedule be disrupted by repeated trips to the groomer first thing in the morning to drop off, and again late in the afternoon to pick up your pet. With mobile grooming a professional groomer comes to you, at your home or place of business, at a time that’s convenient to you.

Best of all, your pet will love it too! No more kennel environment. No more spending the day cooped up in a crate. No more exposure to dozens of other animals and any pests or infections that they may be carrying. Our grooming van is cleaned and sanitized before your pet enters our van,virtually eliminating the chance of your pet contracting any illnesses.

Smoochie Pooch only grooms one pet at a time. We never have to rush through the grooming process. This allows us to take our time and groom your pet properly and completely to your specifications.


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