Our Story

For high quality, professional dog grooming in Northern Indiana, look no further than Smoochie Pooch. We are a full service grooming company. Smoochie Pooch offers both mobile and salon options for your pets grooming needs, as well as a boutique for your pet food and supplies.

Since 2009, Smoochie Pooch has employed some of the industry’s top dog groomers. The Smoochie Pooch team brings the expertise of competitive groomers to your front door for your convenience.

In addition to providing exceptional grooming services, we also pay special attention to the health of your pet’s skin and coat. Our team is trained in animal behavior and grooming techniques specific to a wide variety of breeds.

With salons located in Valparaiso, Portage, Crown Point, and most recently Fort Wayne, we take pride in servicing the entire region, including Chesterton, Portage, Hobart, Crown Point, and the greater Fort Wayne region. Schedule an appointment with one of our groomers, or learn more about our mobile pet grooming services by clicking below. The Smoochie Pooch team hopes to see you and your pooch very soon!

All Grooming services are by appointment only, and our salons close when we are done grooming for the day. Thank you in advance.


Kim Wilson

Pet Stylist & Owner

Kim Wilson is a 2007 graduate of the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts in Arlington, Illinois.  She is also certified in animal nutrition, pet CPR, and animal behavior.  Recently, Kim joined the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), the International Pet Groomers Association (IPG), and the International Society of Canine Cosmetology (ISCC).  Along with the various dog grooming associations she also is a member of the National Cat Groomers Association of America (NCGAA).  Being a member of these organizations Kim will have the opportunity to work towards gaining her Master Groomer Status with each group.

Kim’s passion for animals started at a young age with family pets. It wasn’t until working at pet store she realized what her true calling was. Doubted by some, as they said grooming wasn’t a career, she set out to prove otherwise. Along the way she has met some very influential individuals that have taught her the fine art of styling and not just “grooming.” She has successfully completed some of her training to become a Master Stylist and should within the next year have that completed. Kim has become a name in the grooming ring as well, placing two years in a row at All American Grooming Show in Chicago.

Aside from grooming, Kim can often be found grooming for various rescue groups as well as having fun with her own dogs.  She shows, in confirmation, her English Cocker and Briard.  Kim has also begun learning agility with her Standard Poodle who is quickly learning, and will also certify as a therapy dog in 2014.

Kim and her family have a pet family of their own, Missy (lab mix), Reese (toy poodle), Connor (Standard Poodle), Caleb (English Cocker Spaniel), and Cognac (Briard) make up their dog family. She also takes care of stray cats that come around. Sometimes it is often thought the dogs and cats get treated almost as well as her own children. Kim looks forward to meeting your special four legged friend.

Brett Wilson

Business Manager & Industry Consultant

Coming from the accounting world, Brett now owns, operates, and manages Northwest Indiana’s largest grooming operation. With 5 mobile grooming vans, 4 fully staffed grooming salons that also boast a vast array of retail, a successful distribution business, and most recently the purchase of GroomSouth, Smoochie Pooch is quickly catching people’s eyes. Brett and his wife Kim are also the owners of Smoochie Pooch Productions. Brett joins us to share his expertise on what it takes to grow your business into an empire.


Susan Crisman

Customer Service Supervisor

Susan Crisman is the voice you’re likely to hear if you call in to schedule or have any questions and is the backbone of Smoochie Pooch’s customer service team. From both Valparaiso, Indiana and Mulberry, Arkansas, Susan has had a passion for animals since childhood. She can’t remember not being a horse’s back or messing with her dogs, cats, and rabbits. Currently Susan has one horse (Willow), one cat (Mr. Kitty), and six Australian Shepherds (Delilah, Tango, Ke$ha, Polo, Duo, and Evan). With about fifteen years of dog showing and grooming and thirty years of customer service experience, Susan brings a lot to the table but is known for two things: her genuine kindness and endless dedication.

Kristyn Meyer

Customer Service Specialist

Kristyn Meyer has been with Smoochie Pooch since 2015 in various roles but is now Customer Service Specialist. She grew up on a farm, so she has been around dogs, cats, pigs, horses, cows, chickens, etc. her entire life. She participated in 4-H; showing chickens and rabbits. Kristyn has two chihuahuas (Bambi & Kahleesi), a cat (Destiny), a paint horse (Mystic), a mini satin rabbit (Rex). When she’s not assisting clients and scheduling your next appointment she takes care of her little boy, does a bit of photography, and helps around the farm.

Shannan Granzow

Customer Service/Retail Coordinator

Surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs, and birds, Shannan Granzow was born and raised around animals and it shows in her care for your pet and their nutrition. She trained both horses and riders professional for over twenty years while competing herself. She has a Pitbull (Koda), Jack Russel (Kinzy), French Bulldog (Mr. Berries aka Berry), a Senegal Parrot (Sunny), a Nigerian dwarf goat (Fiona), a mini pig (Penelope), Quarter Horse (Diggie), and a saltwater fish tank. When she’s not working with pets and their owners, Shannan spends time at music events with her boyfriend and studying pet nutrition. She has a Dog Nutrition Certification, Raw Certification, and is currently schooling for the Herbal Certification so if there is a question to be asked about what your pet should be eating, it’s a question to ask Shannan!

Mike Goodpaster

Marketing Director

From the age of 18, when he decided to start his own local professional wrestling company to over fifteen years in the marketing industry, if it can be marketed, Michael Goodpaster has marketed it. Mike has practiced hands-on marketing in a plethora of industries including pet grooming, construction, sports, entertainment, healthcare, insurance, and more. Equipped with first-hand fluency in marketing strategy, graphic design, website creation, video production, social media, event production, and other aspects in promotion, Mike is thrilled to share and develop his experiences and industry insights.